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According to the California DMV:


In lieu of California registration, you can get a one trip permit (for a fee) to move a vehicle (California Vehicle Code (CVC) §4003):

  • When unladen, for one continuous trip from a place within California to a place in or outside California or from outside California to a place in California (by the most direct route).

  • For participation as a vehicular float or display in a lawful parade or exhibition for one round trip from one place to another. The total round trip cannot exceed 100 miles and must be completed within 60 days.

A one trip permit is also valid for a nonresident:

  • To move a newly purchased trailer coach into California.

  • Member of the armed forces to move an unregistered trailer coach they own into, out of, or within California.

A one trip permit cannot be used to move a crane or trailer coach owned by a California resident.

Issuing a one trip permit doesn’t affect California tax requirements. 

Forbidden Uses—A REG 402T is not valid for:

  • Operation of a loaded commercial vehicle, unless the vehicle is being moved to participate in a parade or display.

  • Travel by a circuitous or indirect route. Caution the applicant that the trip must be made by the most direct route.

  • Movement of a trailer coach owned by a California resident, because presence of the trailer coach in California requires that it be registered.

  • Movement of a crane (CVC §4003) or vehicle requiring an oversize permit issued by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) (CVC §35780).


According to the California DMV:

You can get a no-DMV fee one-day vehicle moving permit to move vehicles:

  • With a PNO on file from the current place of storage to another place of storage.

  • To or from a garage or repair shop for the purpose of repairs or alteration.

  • For the purpose of dismantling or wrecking.

  • From one place to another for the purpose of:

    • Inspection by DMV or the CHP.

    • Assignment or verification of a VIN.

    • Inspection of pollution (smog) control devices.

    • Weighing the vehicle.

    • Obtaining brake/light certificates.

  • That are incomplete or under construction.

  • By a dealer, distributor, or manufacturer from their place of business to a place where the vehicle will be altered or supplied.

  • By a dealer, distributor, manufacturer, remanufacturer, or transporter from a vessel, railroad depot, or warehouse to a warehouse or salesroom.

  • From an impound yard.

The moving date you choose must be within 60 days of the issue date and it must be entered on the permit by you

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