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One Day Moving Permits


One Day Moving Permits allow you to operate a vehicle with current registration fees paid (receipt of deposited fees) or a planned non-operation on file for purposes such as relocating, smog checks, or other pending DMV requirements. You have 60 days from the issue date to choose the specific day you want to use the permit, which you will write on the permit itself.


You can request a digital copy of the One Day Moving Permit to print at home. However, please note that some law enforcement agencies may not accept a printed copy, while many auctions and non-government agencies might release a vehicle with a printed copy. Digital permits ordered with physical copies are available at a discounted rate.


Digital copies include a QR code for verification of issuance by our company, ensuring authenticity for anyone requesting proof.


Customers must use moving permits in accordance with California DMV regulations and assume all liability and risk associated with using any moving permits provided by us.

For more information, please visit our Moving Permit page: Moving Permits.



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